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Virtual Institute for Macroecology

Workshop of the Specialist Group Macroecology

of the Gesellschaft für Ökologie

9. - 11. März 2010, Uder/Eichsfeld

Scanning the Horizon of Macroecology

The next annual meeting hosted by the AK Macroecology will see a different, highly interactive format: Horizon scanning. It requires more preparation on both parts, organisers and participants, but shall (hopefully) lead to a lot of interactions.

The workshop will feature three types of presentations:

1: Presentation of cool results

Replaces keynotes. Results should interest the audience from a macroecological point of view. (Only few slots available.)

2: Presentation of proposed projects

Particularly for newbies: present content, open questions and methods. Proposals shall allow presenters to make use of the audiences' wisdom for their own research.

3: Method demonstrations

Method islands”, like a poster session, just with laptops. Method islands shall facilitate the spread of methods.

Additionally, we shall devote an entire day to

scanning the macroecological horizon for emerging hot topics


Horizon scanning – the process

We shall collect all hot topics submitted in advance, group them and select one of the proposers to present this topic/group of topics as rapporteur. All hot topics will be listed in a hand-out, but there will not be enough time to present all of them in detail.

Then, after these initial brief presentations, there will be break-out groups to formulate 1-3 paragraphs on each hot topic. The morning session will deal with emerging hot topics as such, the afternoon session with emerging hot methods or data.

All results will be wrapped up in the evening, while a potential publication strategy will be discussed in the morning of the third day.

To efficiently organise this meeting, we ask you to consider in which of the above you would like to contribute, and submit your proposal(s) in one of the following four formats:

Emerging hot thing in macroecology: short, one paragraph abstract of what you think will be a hot topic/method/dataset to know of in the future (as many as you want, but please each one with its own paragraph).

Results talk: standard 15+5 min style; please focus on ecology, hypothesis and interpretation, less on methods (or, if you have a cool new method to present, focus on that and its validation, less on application); thus: keep it concise and focussed.

Project proposals: 10+10 min style: present general question you want to address and then the workflow or methods; expose unresolved issues and ask detailed questions for discussion with the audience. Use this talk to tap the knowledge of the audience (in only 10 minutes discussion!)

Method islands: a practical demonstration of a method at your own laptop. This could be, for example, a GIS toolbox you have discovered/developed, a brief introduction to MCMC sampling; a database-access-tool linking GBIF and R. All methods presented should be freely accessible (e.g. open source, freely given away by the demonstrator)!

Organisers Ingolf Kühn and Carsten Dormann

Costs (accomodation & food)

Single room: approx. € 150,-

Double room: approx. € 100,-

Contact (for details)



Registration (UNTIL 15 January 2010)


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